Friday, February 20

My February {Fab} Favorites

I usually try to have my favorites up at the beginning of the month, but this month I'm going to go with better late than never. Blame work, blame the snowstorm, blame my laziness... anyway, here are the new things that I'm loving this month.  Disclaimer: Amazon product links include an affiliate code. Thank you for supporting Beyond the Aisle!

My February Favorites

1. C9 Champion scoop tee from Target - Last time Target had a cute workout top with a cutout detail in the back, I missed out on my size, so this time I didn't wait around. I've been looking for exercise clothes with what Athleta catalogue calls a "CYA" fit (aka long in the back) for yoga and the moisture wicking material is great for the gym.

2. Pave circle earrings - Mr. Q really surprised me with some beautiful diamond pave circle earrings for Valentine's Day - honestly, I think the man is a mind reader. Or he looks at my Pinterest. Amazon has a Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia version that won't break the bank, and LOFT's gold toned version is currently on sale for less than $5!

3. Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion - My winter addiction. This stuff smells amazing and works great. I even use it as a facial moisturizer on extra cold, dry mornings.

4. Spin Class - I have a love/hate relationship with spin class. Mr. Q is a cyclist and decided to start going to spin class at the Y to stay in shape during the winter months. I decided to check it out and go at least once a week even though sometimes I feel like the instructor is trying to kill us. On the upside, the music she plays is always on point (Pitch Perfect soundtrack! Katy Perry!) Mrs. Q's best friend, his sister, and her husband have all started coming, too - I guess the tribe that sticks together works out together, too. 

5. Love Lust or Run (TLC, Fridays 9/8c) - At the end of a long, hard work week I love some mindless television, and that's where this new Friday night fave comes in. Remember Stacy London from What Not to Wear? Now, instead of just schlumpy, her fashion victims are truly... um... unique (goth chick, "Jerseylicious," aging punk rocker), so she goes out to the streets to ask people what they think - would you love this person, lust after them, or run away? Stacy strips the wackadoodles down to real people, takes them shopping to find ways to incorporate their uniqueness into styles that are appropriate for the real world, and then takes it to the street again.

6. Stitch Fix - I got my second fix this month and I am officially in love with this service. You can sign up to have a personal stylist select five items just for you for a $20 fee that can be used toward any items you purchase (here's my affiliate link). No more fighting crowds at the mall or finding something you love that's not in your size. Since I live in a rural area and can't always find trendy pieces, it's fun to see what my stylists choose for me based on my requests and interests.

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  1. I love those earrings!!!

    I want to try that lotion...It sounds amazing!

    And I always enjoyed "what not to wear"!!! I had forgotten all about it though.

    I hope you have a great weekend!