Friday, February 6

12x30 challenge: inspiration for getting organized

The theme for this month's 12x30 challenge is organization - which is something I basically put off throughout the month of January.  I signed up for Apartment Therapy's January Cure, identified several spots in the country townhouse that need serious TLC, and promptly ignored all the e-mails.  In my defense, we are using a new approach to teaching English this semester and I have been so tired when I get home every day that I just want to eat junk food and watch trashy television.  I may not know the expiration date of anything in my refrigerator or makeup drawer, but I can tell you all about Scott Disick's trip to rehab, all of the drama on Total Divas, which Golden Globes outfits Kelly and Giuliana hated, and the ladies Stacy London revamped on Love, Lust, or Run.

In case you're feeling as lethargic as me when it comes to working on your organization goals for 2015, today I'm keeping things simple with some Pinterest inspiration.

12X30 Challenge January: The Love Yourself Challenge


  1. I love the Wasabi tape. What a clever idea.

  2. I absolutely love all of those pins! The washi tape is a great idea for extended vacations, appointments, etc. I also love that craft desk! If only I had room for that :D

    1. Tanks Kenzie! Last time I was at Staples, they had some really cute washi tape in different colors and patterns that would be perfect for using in a day planner or on a wall calendar. I'm also determined that my next house WILL have a crafty space.