Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween! [Effie Trinket Costume]

Last week I shared some ideas I was tossing around for Halloween costumes.  My favorite idea was Effie and Haymitch from The Hunger Games - I loved the opportunity to transform myself into a character from one of my favorite books in a completely over-the-top way.  I was able to put an Effie costume together for very little money!  The first ingredient was my white wig from last Halloween, which got a blast from some neon pink spray dye.  I already had a fuschia tweed skirt from Goodwill that I thought would work, and I swung by that fine establishment (we call it the GW Boutique) to see if there were any shiny, poofy pink shirts that would fit the bill.

I struck gold!  Shiny, pink, 100% polyester with shoulder pads and a funky neck scarf attached gold.  The other purchases I made included three sets of rosette hair barettes, white cream makeup, and pink Hard Candy glitter eyeliner (I couldn't resist).  On the night of my coworker's Halloween party, I went to work making my face and mouth as pale as possible, then adding pops of fuschia to my eyelids and the center of my lips.  Sorry for the phone pictures - I'd left my point-and-shoot at work that day.

The barettes had the added effect of helping my wig stay put.  Win win!

The finishing touch was an Effie Trinket manicure - the base is Sinful Colors in "Fig" and the tips are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure applied with a makeup sponge.  It was so easy!

The biggest surprise of the night was Mr. Q's costume - I'd asked for Haymitch, but he took it way farther!  A $15 pair of cargo pants, boots, a black jacket, and a "Contestant Wig" paired with his family's heirloom bow made for a very interesting Katniss Everdeen.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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