Tuesday, October 15

Fall 2013: Taupe and Blush

One of my favorite trends toward this season is fashion that leans toward a pretty, muted color palette of taupe and blush.  These items are extremely flexible because they work like neutrals in your closet, combining effortlessly with the brown, cranberry, hot pink, gray, cognac, and black pieces that are this season's staples.  Here are a few ladylike pieces for fall:

Fall 2013: Taupe and Blush

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1. Old Navy embellished colorblock sweater  2. LOFT necklace tee
3. Pim + Larkin marquise earrings from Piperlime  4. The Limited ombre beaded necklace
5. Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish in "Thank You"  6. Zoya nail polish in "Shay"
7. Dior Vernis nail lacquer in "Destin" from Sephora  8. Apt. 9 embellished neckline sweater from Kohl's
9. The Limited bird print blouse  10. Elie Saabeau de parfum from Beauty Boutique
11. The Limited boyfriend watch  12. GAP ballet flats

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  1. Love it! So pretty, especially that Old Navy sweater.

    1. Old Navy's lines have been really awesome lately.