Wednesday, April 3

wedding trend: bridesmaids in white

When Kate Middleton's sister Pippa wore a white dress as Kate's bridesmaid in April 2011, it was a little bit controversial - after all, most of us have heard the conventional wisdom that wedding guests shouldn't wear white and probably assumed that extended to the bridesmaids as well, and some people said Pippa's fitted dress upstaged Kate's Sarah Burton gown.  Bridesmaids wearing white is actually traditional in the UK, and goes back to an ancient Roman pratice of having the bride's attendants dress to match her so that evil spirits (or, some say, actual potential kidnappers) can't pick her out in the crowd.  White bridesmaids' dresses are becoming more popular in the United States as well.

Many brides who choose white for their bridesmaids choose a short 
dress for their 'maids to contrast with a longer bridal gown.  This helps 
the bridesmaids stand out while also letting the bride's dress shine.

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Another way to style a wedding with white bridesmaids while 
still letting the bride stand out is to choose dresses with
different skirt or neckline styles.

Other brides choose to keep things completely bohemian by
letting each bridesmaid choose her own white dress.  I love
this look best of all!

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