Tuesday, April 30

spring style trend: mixed prints

One of the things I love most about reading fashion blogs is the way bloggers tend to reject traditional "fashion rules."  Case in point, mixed prints, which are even more popular than ever this spring.  Mixing prints can be scary the first time you try it - let's face it, none of us wants to look tacky.  There are a few patterns that always look great together, and with just a little attention to detail you may realize that you already have the formula for a perfect outfit in your closet!

polka dots + florals.

Maha Khan from Vogue Affair puts together a three-piece outfit with what might be the most fun mixed print combo for spring:  polka dots and florals.  It works because everything shares a common element: with the floral pattern: her blazer picks up on the yellow bits from her blouse, and her skirt picks up on the dashes of black.  Similarly, Veronica Slater's blouse, belt, and skirt share an overall navy and white color scheme.  The polka dot pieces work almost like neutrals because the floral patterns offer more visual variety.

polka dots + stripes.

Two of my new favorite bloggers do a great job creating interesting, slightly preppy looks with a striped shirt as the neutral pattern.  Cori from La Vie Petite layers on pattern with a gray-and-white polka dot scarf, and Emily from A Devine Life adds a navy trench.

florals + stripes.

Florals and stripes seem a little more daring to me, for some reason.  Rebecca from Mommy in Heels puts together an ah-may-zing outfit with a bright floral blouse, a graphic striped blazer, and lots of bling.  It's not too over-the-top because the navy stripes pick up the navy in her blouse's floral pattern.  Sarah's outfit utilizes the same principle in reverse.

Fashion-Ictionary || PopCrush via Twitter

Striped tops and floral bottoms make for adorable spring date outfits.  I like that both girls have added accessories - a bracelet, a bag, a belt, nail polish - that pull colors from their floral patterns.

stripes + paisley.

I saved this pairing from last and I think it's the one that intimidates me the most: Kachet and Kristin execute the same idea in opposite ways here, and I think they both look awesome.  And I'm jealous of their cute clutches.

let's recap:
there are a few simple rules that make wearing mixed prints easier:
1. choose the more visually interesting piece first.
2. choose a simpler print (like a polka dot or stripe) that uses one of the colors in the wilder print.
3. if you want to add a third piece, choose a solid color from the wilder print.
4. or don't.  there are no rules!  it's your body, so wear what YOU like...

although it might make people think you are participating in Wacky Tacky Day at the local middle school...
welcome to my real life.

Would you wear mixed prints?


  1. I did for the first time this past month. I bought a new floral scarf which I wore tied at the neck with a striped top. I felt very chic (although I'm not usually that brave)!

    1. I love the look of stripes and florals together and I think that a scarf is a great way to add a second print and look put-together. I bet you looked adorable, Grace!

  2. I am really loving this trend, too!! I have not gotten the courage to do it yet!