Monday, April 22

clicks of note: keep your head up, my love.

get your week off to a colorful start...


  • Last week was a rough one.  In my neck of the woods, mid-April is a reminder of those we lost in the Virginia Tech shootings, and along come the attack at the Boston Marathon and the explosion in Waco.  I didn't feel much like posting last week - fashion and event planning ideas just don't come to me when lives have been cut short.  Here's one of my favorite songs by the Lumineers - "it's better to feel pain than nothing at all" is a verse that I feel like I've got to cling to right now.  Keep your heads up this week, okay?  And know that it's always okay to talk about the real stuff here.
  • Some links to show your support for Boston: donate to the One Fund, wear the Stay Strong Boston t-shirt from Teespring or the Tough. Proud. Brave. Free. t-shirt from Rue La La.

The question is at what expense are we being drawn to bigger, louder, larger, best-selling, more famous? Are we losing anything in the pursuit? Are we measuring our faithfulness to Christ by “likes” or by lives?

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