Sunday, March 17

sunday simplicity #112: the ireland i remember

In January 2006, I was able to travel to Ireland for a two-week course with my two favorite English professors.  This image from Daniel Griffiths reminds me of the Ireland I saw and experienced.  I remember riding a bus on the "wrong" side of the road through countryside dotted with cows and old stone fences.  I remember arriving in Galway and feeling welcomed by the brightly colored storefronts and hand-painted signs.  I remember striking out with my classmates to Galway Bay one morning and seeing the golden sunrise on the water and rugged men playing Gaelic football on the rocks.  I remember being mobbed by swans and charmed by peeling paint on the sides of fishing boats, buying flowers and bread and cheese and a Claddaugh ring, and feeling the greatest moment of joy when an Irish woman asked me for directions.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Ah what a beautiful photo. I totally would love to be there right now. I've never visited but it looks like a beautiful country.

    Happy St-Patrick's day to you too!