Saturday, February 5

things i learned from wedding bloggers: mrs. bee

I like the idea of having regular "series" style posts on this blog, so today, in addition to "Sunday Simplicity," which will appear on schedule tomorrow, I'm rolling out a new idea: Things I Learned from Wedding Bloggers.

There seems to be a huge difference between brides who want to know everything about weddings, and stalk popular blogs for "wedding pr0n." Both of the vendors I've met with so far (florist and caterer) have commented on how "organized" I am and how I know what I want. They've also seemed surprised/confused by some ideas that I thought were pretty common in weddings due to all of the blogs I read (fruit in centerpieces, a dessert table with cake stands, and a sweetheart table instead of a head table with the whole bridal party). Apparently, most brides have no idea of what they want going into meetings with vendors. And apparently, these very blog-worthy trends haven't hit my part of the country yet. I wish my vendors read the same blogs I do- then they'd know exactly what I was talking about.

In this series I will be discussing the wedding blogs I read and the things I've learned (and ideas I've stolen) from their authors. I've been reading Weddingbee the longest, discovering it shortly after I first found the Knot in 2006. Yes, I've been stalking the wedding blogosphere for almost as long as I've been dating Mr. Spin.

Weddingbee began as Bee Kim's personal blog on Xanga while she was planning her own wedding, and has grown into one of the biggest names in wedding blogging. There are a total of 144 pages of posts by Mrs. Bee on the site today, so I am not going through all of her posts again (though I probably read most of them as they went live!). These are the things I've learned form Mrs. Bee's blog posts:

- To make sure that someone gets pictures of the small details (decor, favors, etc.) on the wedding day.
- That if I don't love my hair and make-up trial runs, I should have another trial or find a different stylist; not assume it will look better on the day of the wedding than it does in the trial.
- How to put together the Ultimate Emergency Kit!

- Mrs. Bee created a great stationary guide to help brides sort out all the different paper goods we can have for our weddings.
- She posted a guide to the best weather months for honeymoons in various countries and parts of the U.S. In our wedding month, July, some of the recommended locations include Bermuda, Britain, Ireland, Fiji, and the Northeast U.S.!

Ideas to consider:
- Mrs. Bee raves about the advantages of a day-of coordinator.
- The Bees served signature cocktails at their wedding and they went over very well with her guests.
- Table visits by the bride and groom to welcome each guest.

What I've learned from being a wedding blog reader in general: every bride needs to be true to her personal style. For me, that means I want to incorporate little country/vintage details in my wedding style. And that means I'm going to be on the lookout for cake stands whether my caterer likes it or not. She'll be eating her words when she sees her mini cheesecakes and chocolate covered strawberries on an amazing display! I think I'm going to have our "official" cake baker make a 2-layer vanilla cake with buttercream icing and ask friends/family to make a strawberry cake with cream cheese icing (my favorites) and a chocolate dessert- either cake or pie. I want the dessert table to be so overflowing with goodness that our guests have to take some home!

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