Wednesday, February 23

Favorite Instrumental Music - Contemporary

My relationship with Mr. Spin has always had music at its heart. We were both so happy to find someone with similar musical tastes, and we love going to concerts and discovering new music togehter. It would make me very happy to include rock music and movie soundtracks in our wedding ceremony, but in a way that is still respectful of tradition. So today, some of my favorite contemporary choices for potential wedding music:

- The piano coda from Layla by Derek and the Dominos (Eric Clapton)

Even though "Layla" is about one man's desire for another man's wife (seriously- Eric Clapton wanted George Harrison's wife Pattie Boyd in a bad way, and they eventually ended up married), so some people would probably see it as an odd choice for wedding music. Oh well. "Layla" is my favorite song, primarily because of this bit of music right here (which is apparently in Goodfellas? Mobster movies are not my thing so I had no idea. Anyway, doesn't this just sound like a whole love story in under four minutes? That's what I hear when I listen to it - all of a relationship's ups and downs.

- In My Life by the Beatles

This song would be very fitting either as music playing as guests enter and take their seats at the ceremony, or for the bridal party's procession.

- Something by the Beatles

Here's an instrumental version via YouTube user czekoladka69 that knocks my socks off. How amazing would this be for a walk down the aisle? Answer: completely amazing. I think I would cry.

- Maestro by Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack to The Holiday

Beautiful music from the beginning of one of my favorite films. The beginning through 1:02, which in the movie is the soundtrack Miles is composing for what looks like a costume drama, would work for walk down the aisle music. 1:43 onward would work for a recessional... and makes me picture Cameron Diaz running down a snowy lane.

- Cry by Hans Zimmer, also from the soundtrack for The Holiday

This would be nice recessional music also, I think. You could have someone cue the music right before the "you may kiss the bride" for a nice movie-style wedding moment. And don't worry about the title- in the movie, being able to cry is a good thing!

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