Saturday, February 5

back to the drawing board on flowers! - UPDATE with some new ideas & incpiration

Yesterday morning consisted of: receiving the estimated cost of our flowers, hyperventilating, my mom reminding me that I can't really remember what the centerpieces at most of the weddings I've been to, further reminding me that filling, good tasting food is MUCH more important at a Southern wedding than pretty flowers, and deciding that we are going to DIY the centerpieces. I will still use a professional florist for the bouquets and other personal flowers because they will be in so many photos.

Goodbye, beautiful centerpiece FI and I fell in love with after seeing on Style Me Pretty...

and back to the drawing board. When I mentioned my love of milk glass and feasibility of finding lots of vases at thrift stores, Mom raided the cabinets and we have a lot of milk glass vases already. So now I'm thinking of doing something like this:

but in these colors (and imagine that the tree stump becomes a mirror or tray and the camera becomes one of our table numbers, which are going to be in picture frames)...

Project Wedding

I totally think that my FI, mother, MOH and I, even our complete lack training as florists, could still pull these off, with a little help from our friends. It might even be fun, and I think that FI and I will feel more ownership of our wedding if we can look at our centerpieces and know that we designed them, found the supplies for them, and created them together. Mr. Spin is going to check out the "discards" room at his workplace (he sells interior design products) to see what treasures may be found there.

Ruffled blog has a tutorial on how to diy vases that look like milk glass with regular glass vases and glossy white spray paint. Ebay may also prove to be a valuable resource - a search for "milk glass bud vase lot" turned up a lot of 17 vases for just $25!

I may incorporate a Mason jar into the centerpieces... even though our venue is elegant ballroom, Mason jars are so Southern and Mr. Spin got so excited when he saw them in the vase aisle at Michael's. I think we could make them look classy next to the milk glass, maybe with some submerged hydrangea heads and a floating candle? Weddingbee's Mrs. Labrador proved that Mason jars can look elegant in the right setting! I think our friends & family would love seeing them on the tables, too- a little nod to our country upbringings and especially Mr. Spin's home county (which has a noted history of MOONSHINING!)

We can do this. I know we can. I'm so inspired by bloggers like Weddingbee's Mrs. Tulip and Mrs. Cola who have done their own centerpieces... they prove that do it yourself flowers can be done, and done beautifully.

Today's tasks, then: pricing out wholesale flowers online. While watching Bridezillas and My Fair Wedding, of course (it's becoming my Sunday ritual).

And a task for the rest of the week: having our florist send us an ITEMIZED proposal (she just left me a voicemail with the grand total for the wedding), and perhaps shopping around for other potential florists who may be able to truly give us what we want for less money.

FI's task for the week: talking to our potential officiant, his family minister.

Joint task for the week: figure out who from our list will be invited to the wedding and decide how many out of town guests we will invite so we can start blocking hotel rooms.

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