Saturday, April 21

36 Weeks

I found some new questions for this week on Peaches + Glitter.

How far along? 36 Weeks

Baby is the size of a papaya or 2-liter soda

Favorite maternity clothes this week: these ruched pajama/"lounge shorts" from Old Navy - definitely going in my hospital bag!

This week's prenatal appointment was an exciting one, and Mr. Q and my mom joined me for our final sonogram. Unfortunately, our guy was not in the mood to show much of his face and kept his little fist in the way the whole time, but we were able to find out that he weighs about 6 pounds 7 ounces and his head is about 8 centimeters in circumference. As far as I'm concerned he can keep those measurements until his due date! The sonogram technician also commented on how big his feet are, which was kind of strange since neither of us have large feet for our height. Maybe Baby Q will take after my tall maternal grandma and great-uncles. This week's appointment also included the regular sample and blood pressure reading, and my exam by the doctor included the Group B strep test, which is not pleasant but not a big deal (I knew what to expect from the ladies in my Reddit "bumpers" group who are further along in their pregnancies). My doctor asked if I wanted her to do a cervical check but I passed because I have heard they are quite painful and I don't have any signs that labor will come early.

Total weight gain: About 16 pounds.

Major pregnancy symptoms this week: THE SWELLING. Not just my feet but my hands as well now - I've had to start checking my rings during the day to make sure they'll still come off. I've also started to feel more skin tags developing on my neck and chest, which is irritating, and there are even some tiny ones on my eyelids which is a very strange feeling. Hopefully they will go away after pregnancy!

Sleep: Not too bad, still waking up 2-3 times a night, but I've been able to get comfortable and my congestion seemed less severe this week.

Miss anything?

Movement: I'm feeling fewer big kicks/punches from Baby Q as he has less room to move around in there.

Best moments this week: There's a tie, so I'm going to start listing multiple moments in this section so I can remember as much of this special time in my life as possible. On Saturday I spent the day with three of my best friends from middle and high school, one of whom is also expecting and all of whom are mamas. Then on Sunday my bestie who lives in Colorado and was in the area visiting family was able to take a few hours to swing by our house to see the nursery and grab lunch.

"It's getting real" moments of the week: 

  • Had a little colostrum on Sunday which felt VERY real. 
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions during dinner with our Bible Study on Monday night.
  • We also had our "graduation" from Prepared Childbirth class on Wednesday, Newborn Care class on Thursday after my OB/GYN appointment, and we have Infant Safety and CPR on Saturday. I did not mean to schedule all of this for the same week.
  • Mr. Q and I went to check out the new Earth Fare store in the city between the doctor and class on Thursday and sneaked in a little impromptu date night in their sushi bar (I got California rolls, no raw fish!) and it got me thinking about how few of those special little everyday adventures with just the two of us we might have left.

Food cravings/aversions: Ice cream after work is the new pinot grigio after work. This is a stressful season to be a school director between application deadlines, visitors from other areas, our students' last major projects and presentations before we start state standardized testing, and our final in-person coaching visit from the nonprofit we're associated with. I may have eaten my feelings a few afternoons.

How I'm preparing for birth this week: Baby's diaper bag is packed for the hospital with onesies in newborn and 0-3 month sizes, a tiny little side-snap shirt, a going-home outfit, hat, socks, mittens, bib, burp cloth, swaddle, and receiving blanket as well as some baby oil to help with meconium and tiny emery boards for his nails. My bag's getting there - waiting for a few things I ordered from Amazon Prime to hopefully make labor less unpleasant.

Baby/Pregnancy related purchases: My BFF who has a one-year old went with me to Babies 'R' Us last Saturday and helped point out some things I wouldn't have thought to buy, like a pacifier pouch. This week I have another shopping trip lined up with my friend April and we're going to hit up Burlington and some of the other discount stores in town that have baby stuff.

Looking forward to: Maybe carving out time this coming weekend to take some maternity photos with Mr. Q. I decided I'd rather spend any extra money we have right now on baby necessities and medical bills rather than on a photographer, but I still want to make sure to capture how I look now that I am VERY pregnant, but before I start to feel too uncomfortable to move around. Speaking of discomfort, I am looking forward to baby "dropping" since at least one of his feet and/or his butt has constantly been in my ribs this week.

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