Saturday, April 7

34 Weeks

How far along? 34 Weeks

Baby is the size of a Savoy cabbage

Favorite maternity clothes this week: Dresses - pretty much every morning this week I dealt with a moment of "ugh, I cannot put on pants" while looking into my closet. The one in the photo is an Isabel from Target purchase - I couldn't resist the ruffles on the sleeves. Please excuse my pasty white knees - it was almost 70 degrees yesterday, and it's supposed to snow today because Virginia weather is ridiculous, so I took the opportunity to free my legs before having to go back to leggings with everything.

Major pregnancy symptoms this week: Mainly being more emotional than usual. Nausea made a comeback on Monday morning - luckily it was the last day of Spring Break so I got to rest all day instead of having to get ready for work after being sick. I have a fairly persistent sore throat that I think is probably from congestion making me sleep with my mouth open. I also saw some swelling in my ankles this week - I walked around Target after my OB/GYN appointment on Thursday and afterward my ankles were actually hanging over my shoes and had a noticeable crease when I bent them. I added yet another pillow to my bedtime setup that night - that makes 2 under my head to help with congestion, the bottom two Boppy total body pillow pieces under my tummy and between my legs, and now one under or between my feet.

This week's prenatal appointment was a quick one - weight, BP, fundal height and a sample. I have my final ultrasound in two weeks and can't wait to see how much Baby Q has grown. My doctor is fairly sure he is already head down but it will be very reassuring to see that on an ultrasound.

Total weight gain: About 14 pounds, mainly in this trimester. So happy to finally have an appetite and be able to nourish my little one with lots of protein, fruits, vegetables, and yes, carbs and ice cream.

Best moment this week: Spending time with my BFF, her husband, and their daughter who is almost one and a half at a weekend hockey game was a lot of fun - and another couple we're friends with and their toddler son ended up having tickets right behind us! I missed the epic fight that apparently happened between the two teams because I'd gone to get a snack, and since it was the third period of the game the concession stand was closed, so Mr. Q and I ended up at Sonic at 10 p.m. to get me a corn dog and hot fudge sundae. I have a truly wonderful baby daddy. Today we have some friends coming over, we're headed to a wedding tonight, and Mr. Q's parents are coming to see the nursery and have dinner tomorrow.

"It's getting real" moment of the week: I had to do a mental shift in yoga class - I'd gone into the studio thinking, "let's see how many poses I can't do this week," but tried to pick myself up and focus on all of the things I still can. I tried to put as much effort into my practice as I would have pre-pregnancy, and while my classmates were doing poses I can't get my pregnant body into, I did other poses that I felt like my body needed. 

Food cravings/aversions: Chocolate! Also had the return of the Friday night craving for spaghetti from Hema's - that combo of meat, carbs, cheese, and slightly spicy tomato sauce hits all my pregnancy loves.

How I'm preparing for birth this week: In our prepared childbirth class this week we practiced breathing techniques, went over a list of items to pack for the hospital, and started talking about birth plans - basically what choices we may have to make during birth and what our options are. It was comforting to me to hear that I have the right to ask what alternatives are available, if a situation is an emergency, and whether Mr. Q and I can have time to talk before I have to make some of those decisions. Knowledge is definitely empowering for me - probably why I spend so much time reading pregnancy books and blogs. I need to schedule our hospital tour soon - even though I spent two days basically living there when Brittney was giving birth to her daughter, I want the opportunity to ask the L&D staff some questions.

Baby/Pregnancy related purchases: We used our 15% registry completion code to order some of the large items - our dresser/changing table, shelving unit, and second car seat base. I'm looking forward to having the storage furniture in Baby Q's room so I can stop just shoving things into his closet! I also ordered the quilted sheet for his Pack 'n' Play (I know that babies shouldn't have fluffy bedding, but the bassinet in that thing is SO HARD!) and some things for my hospital bag.

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