Saturday, February 10

currently [february 2018]

currently [february 2018]

finishing: the recruitment process for my school's 2018-2019 class! For those of you who may not be regular readers, I'm an instructional coach and the director of a public school-within-a-school for eighth grade students that focuses on Project Based Learning. This is our first year and it was awesome to see that the word has gotten out about our program and we will need to do a lottery for admissions since we have more applications than spots. I've had about 20 current students helping with sharing information about our program at meetings with parents, students, and seventh grade teachers, and I've also been fielding a lot of parent phone calls.

wishlisting: felt letter boards! I'd been seeing them on Instagram for a while, of course, and thought they were cute, but never felt like I needed one until I started thinking about how useful they could be in photos of Baby Quinn when he starts reaching milestones. Emily from Jones Design Company did a letterboard round-up on her blog recently, and I'm leaning toward this one from Target - I like the square shape and the price is right.

subscribing: in the process of creating our baby registry, we realized how many baby things we just knew nothing about, and left the stores with several items on the helpful checklists they provided still unchecked. I put Mr. Q in charge of research monitors since he is our household technology enthusiast, but for everything else I have really appreciated the product reviews on Lucie's List and subscribed to the newsletter for helpful advice delivered weekly. 

watching: the Winter Olympics! I was a little underwhelmed by Pyongchang's Opening Ceremonies, but I'm enjoying watching some of the events this weekend. Growing up in the 90's I pretty much became a lifelong fan of figure skating, and I've fallen in love with married pairs skating couple Chris Knierim and Alexa Scimeca Knierim while watching them compete in the team event. Also, Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Liveis live-tweeting while watching the Games and it's hilarious.

hearting: I've been Pinning a bunch of floral manicures lately and considering trying nail wraps again (I didn't have the patience for the application process the first time around, but I love the idea of perfect nails for 2 weeks). So perfect for Valentine's Day!

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  1. I've been looking at felt letter boards too - they look so fun! I do love them for baby ages/milestones, but since we're beyond that here, I'm going to justify my purchase as something that we can use to help my son start to learn to read/spell :)