Friday, February 12

#5FandomFriday: Galentine's Day!

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly prompt challenge hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space ChickThis week's #5FandomFriday topic is Womances, so I'm sharing my all-time favorite fictional female friendships and the ones that remind me the most of my own friendships.

Anne Shirley and Diana Barry - As an imaginative, dreamy child who wanted to be an author and teacher I totally identified with Anne Shirley. I was lucky enough to have a few friends as true as Diana, who were willing to along with the fantasy games I invented on the playground, join me in drawing magic-marker tattoos, or write articles for my first online 'zines.

Buffy and Willow - I love the moment in the first episode of BTVS where Buffy, by benefit of being pretty, well-dressed, and from L.A., clearly has the option of joining the clique of cool girls led by Cordelia, but instead chooses to ally herself with the girl they bully - nerdy Willow Rosenberg. It's such a great way to establish Buffy's character from the get-go, and Willow goes from being meek and reserved to being fierce and powerful over the course of the series. They are friends who build each other up, give each other great advice, and try to help each other have normal high school and college experiences while fighting evil and averting the apocalypse year after year.

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins - This friendship reminds me of my "work wife" and I, because I am constantly reminding her that she is a magnificent land mermaid and trying to see the bright side in everything while she reins me in and helps me stay practical. I loved how these two always served as each others' biggest cheerleaders.

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy - A lot of self-proclaimed geeks really don't like The Big Bang Theory, but Mr. Q and I watch it every week and enjoy the geeky references. I think the show has gotten 100% better with the introduction of Bernadette and Amy to the cast. I love the dynamics of this girl gang - Penny the cool girl who occasionally does geeky things like become a WoW addict, Bernadette the tough cookie in retro dresses, and Amy who is trying to navigate having real friends for probably the first time in her life. I like how they all get to be the most capable girl in the room at some point depending on the situation.

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker - My favorite thing about Jessica Jones was that it was one of the realest depictions of having a best friend I'd ever seen on screen - that one friend you truly love and want to protect and do anything for. While making this list, I've realized just how few awesome female friendships there are in my favorite books, television shows, and movies - in fact, many of them probably wouldn't even pass the Bechdel Test. Mr. Q assumed Trish really was Jessica's sister the first time we meet her on the show because their interactions with each other were so familial. 

What are your favorite fictional womances?

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