Saturday, October 25

halloween costume ideas i'm considering

I love Halloween, but I feel like a major slacker this year with less than a week to go and no costume planned.  My lack of planning for the holiday stems from the same reason blog posts have been very light lately - between all of my responsibilities at work and Mr. Q starting a new job, we are swamped.  I'm grabbing the first thing in my closet to put on every day, we're eating a lot of takeout, and the extent of our fall decorating was putting mini pumpkins around the house.  Just this week, I had a department meeting, a planning committee meeting, a team activity, a standardized test examiner training, a team meeting, parent-teacher conferences, and a dance to chaperone, in addition to 120 essays and 60 web projects to grade.  Of course, I came down with a sinus infection halfway through the week and feel like I've been hit by a dump truck.  This weekend, I've decided to cheer myself up by getting my head into the Halloween mode.  These are the costume ideas I'm considering for our friends' bonfire party.

1. A witch - Hocus Pocus is my all time favorite Halloween themed movie and my current writing project is a fantasy spin on witchcraft allegations in my own family tree during the Civil War.  I'm loving anything "witchy" these days.  Can you believe that both of these beautiful costumes are from Wal-Mart?  And do you think I could talk Mr. Q into going as Billy Butcherson?

2. Stevie Nicks - This is probably a good time to tell you that I'm going to see Fleetwood Mac in March!  I would love to put my own spin on Stevie's signature bohemian look - some flowy pieces, lots of jewelry, a top hat with or without a feather plume, and of course, a tambourine.  My word of the year for 2014 is "gold," so dressing as the Gold Dust Woman is very appealing.

3. Wyldstyle - My favorite new thing this year has been The Lego Movie, and Wyldstyle would be a super easy costume to pull together with a black hoodie, pants, fabric paint and temporary hair dye or clip-in extensions.  If I go with this idea, I will be an Elizabeth Banks character for two Halloweens in a row.  EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!

4. Thor or Black Widow - My geekier readers have probably heard the news that Marvel has given the powers of Thor to a woman.  I already have a toy Mjolnir hammer and it would be fun to be the new Thor for Halloween.  I also love Black Widow and it would be a fairly easy costume - really, the belt and red hair are all that's needed to get the point across, but I'd add a SHIELD logo because I'm a nerd and an arrow necklace because I loved that detail in Winter Soldier.

5. Nyota Uhura - I love J.J. Abrams' take on Star Trek and I love Zoe Saldana.  Trek costumes are fairly easy to find at the big costume shops that pop up in empty strip malls this time of year, and I can totally rock go-go boots and a high ponytail.

6. Ghostbusters - Mr. Q lists Ghostbusters as one of his favorite movies, and with the recent announcement that the remake will feature an all-girl team I think this would be a fun (and comfy, because I would get the jumpsuit and not the "sexy" version) costume idea.

Which of these costume ideas should I go with?  Do you have plans to celebrate Halloween?  Feel free to share links to your favorite costume ideas, Pinterest boards, movies, songs, and photos that help you get excited about the holiday.


  1. I love the witches! Can't believe they are from WalMart!

    1. Aren't they pretty? Wal-Mart has really stepped up their costume game (and I did not get compensated for saying that, I just shop there a lot since I live in a small town).

  2. I think Wildstyle would be a pretty adorable costume! As for the best costume I've seen today, at lunch there were a group of girls dressed up as Shark Week. Each one had like a grey sweatsuit on with a shark head, but also had a day of the week written on the front of their shirt. It took me a while to figure it out, but it definitely was clever.