Sunday, September 14

sunday social: favorites.

Social Sunday

1. Favorite scent:

I've written on the blog before about how much I love lemon fragrance.  In aromatherapy, lemon is considered a mood-booster, and it definitely works for me.  Right now, I'm loving the Lemon Pomegranate Cream line from Bath & Body Works.  Some of my other favorite scents are the smell of coffee, pink peonies, green apple, and the eucalyptus spearmint candles my yoga teacher sometimes burns during class.

2. Favorite food:

Asian food in general.  I love lo mein noodles, I love sushi, I love miso soup, I love pho.  I was lucky to live with some awesome friends in college who showed me how wonderful and savory Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese food can be.

3. Favorite sound:

This question is a thinker!  Since I love music so much, my favorite sounds are musical sounds, and I think the instrument that sings to me the most is the fiddle.  Take any song, add a fiddle to it, and all of a sudden you're in the mountains.

4. Favorite picture currently on your phone:

I can't post them here for privacy reasons, but I love that my students stole my phone on the field trip last year and it has a bunch of their selfies on it. 

5. Best memory of the year so far:

Going along with my answer to #4, it was definitely the field trip to Washington, D.C. with a fantastic group of students including my self-proclaimed "daughter."  We had a great time and the girls reminded me why I love my job so much - they were asking good questions and showing off things they'd learned in my class while they toured the museums, and they reminded me that my real goal is not teaching students to use perfect grammar but teaching teenagers to be better people.


  1. Wow what a tough job that is to make teenagers be better people! I too love asian food, but it's probably bc I live in a melting pot, we have some good restaurants in LA. Happy Sunday Social!

    1. Good, REAL Asian food is somewhat hard to find here in Southwest Virginia, but not impossible. I would love to travel to LA someday!

  2. I love sushi too ! Although that wasn't my answer. heheeh

    1. I would probably have a different answer depending on what day I'm asked... I'm Southern so I just love FOOD!

  3. Sushi is so yummy, and I actually only recently discovered the joy that is basically anything served with noodles! Lemon is a great scent, I can absolutely see it as a mood booster! I love that your students took Selfies on your phone, kids (or teens) and cameras are hilarious. I teach kindergarten, but would agree 100% with the assertion it's as much about teaching them to be better people that just the academics!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by to visit, Kim! I am a noodle addict... it's bad... the only way I lost weight for my wedding was by cutting out carbohydrates and it was torture.

      I don't think I could teach kindergarteners. I was an elementary education major and realized during student teaching that I am better suited to older students. I am too sarcastic for little ones!