Friday, September 26

oh hey friday: my 5 recent blog loves.

Every season here at Beyond the Aisle, I like to share a handful of my "blog-mances" with my readers - charming blogs that cover all of my favorite subjects - lifestyle, fashion, cooking, organization - and that I think you should add to your reading list ASAP!

Nine-Thirty to Five - Sure, I love the fashion blogs that feature Chanel this and Coach that, tulle skirts with sweatshirts, and other creative takes on what fashion actually is, but what I really want to read are fashion blogs that show me outfits I can actually replicate on an everyday basis.  As cute as those tulle skirts might be, I can't wear them in the hallways of my school.  Paloma and Karen deliver with real-life, work-appropriate outfits that include budget-friendly options (think The Limited, LOFT, J. Crew Factory, and Forever21).  I'm constantly going, "Oh my gosh, I have a leopard print top/striped dress/green pencil skirt/whatever, but I've never thought of wearing it like that!"  I really love that these ladies aren't afraid to repeat items to show how they can be worn in different ways.

{Ella Claire} - Kristen shares her lovingly decorated home, fun craft ideas like her signature vintage-inspired fall signs, and yummy seasonal recipes - the freezable breakfast bites are truly a thing of genius, people!  She's also one of the hostesses of the Inspiration Exchange link-up, which is always worth checking out.

The Lettered Cottage - Layla and Kevin's blog is very well known due to their DIY skills and work with HGTV.  Their modern take on cottage style is right up my alley - the little reading nook/guest room in their old house is still so inspiring to me.  My favorite features on the blog are Pick My Presto, in which Layla uses her mad Photoshop skills to show people the potential in rooms they want to makeover, and their Blog Threads project, which uses the proceeds from cool t-shirts to help families fund adoptions.

Dinner, A Love Story - Reading Jenny Rosenstrach's blog is like having a conversation with your cool older sister who's got her act together.  There are so many tried-and-true recipes on this site, like the 10 fall favorites Jenny posted this week.  The what to cook tonight page is genius.

Which blogs always put a smile on your face?  Do you have any recommendations this month?

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