Thursday, March 1

#FebPhotoADay Final Round-Up

FebPhotoADay recap!  I don't think I will be officially participating in MarchPhotoADay but it was interesting, and had me looking at things I rarely notice in my own life.

Day 17: time (love this clock, it gives the minutes to help kids out!) || Day 18: drink (I'm on a smoothie kick)

Day 19: something I hate to do (entering grades... wish there was some way to quickly yet effectively score student writing, but I think the only solution would be to teach fewer kids).

Day 20: handwriting (from my art journal)

Day 21: a fave photo of me (my parents and I in 2003)

Day 22: where I work... yeah, 1970's institutional architecture

Day 23: my shoes (wish I could wear these to work but my feet would kill me)

|| Day 24: inside my bathroom drawer (I finally got organized)

Day 25: green (Montano's has an extensive beer selection which I did not take advantage of) || Day 26: night (my glittered cupcakes for the Oscars)

Day 27: something I ate (my nutritionist says if you're going to eat chips, eat REALLY GOOD chips and detox afterward.  These are REALLY GOOD chips!)

Day 28: money (the inside of my purse, mismatched Vera Bradley and bits and pieces)

Day 29: something I'm listening to (John Mayer's new song)

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