Tuesday, May 31

Venue Twins

My new hobby as I count RSVPs and contemplate seating charts and rental items: stalking my venue's Facebook photo albums. Here are some photos from receptions at my venue.  Some of them have been sources of inspiration have made me even more confused.

1.  White tablecloths or colored tablecloths?

There's also the option of a white tablecloth with a colored overlay...

Or pintuck linens...

2.  Chair covers or no chair covers?  In other words, which is uglier, the venue's chairs, or the venues chairs covered with what is basically a big pillowcase?

If I won the lottery right now, I'd rent Chiavari chairs for the wedding.  Look at these photos.  The fancy chairs do make a difference.  I'd also rent a man in a chef's hat.

3.  Where to locate the buffet, cake table, etc.

I like this setup, with the cake being spotlighted against the green wall (we'll be projecting a monogram, too) and the food on a serpentine table (which is really just two curved tables).

Another option for food setup... obviously (unfortunately?) there will be no palm trees at my wedding.


  1. I actually really like the chair covers. We're lucky enough that our venue comes with Chiavari chairs, but if it didn't I would definitely go with covers.

  2. I hate chair covers. The chairs look fine. Maybe you can find another way to dress them up?