Monday, May 2

DIY Flower Girl Basket

My original plan for a flower girl basket was to snag a cheapo basket after Easter and call it a day.  Then, while purging my closet in my ongoing quest to throw away anything I will not need as a married woman, I stumbled across not one, but two flower girl baskets I'd carried in weddings as a little girl.  One was the perfect size and shape, but definitely stuck in 1988 with its bright white color and peach ribbon-and-rose trim.  My solution:  rip off the old trim and give the basket a makeover.

Basket Makeover Materials:
- Small basket
- Spray paint in the neutral color of your choice (I used ivory gloss)
- Glue gun (I use a mini lo temp glue gun)
- Thin ribbon in wedding colors
- Silk flowers in wedding colors

First, the basket got a coat of Krylon ivory gloss spray paint:

As you can see, I was having a spraypaint-fest (chalkboard DIY still to come!).  Next. I measured enough lavender ribbon to wrap around the handle an even number of times on each side (4, because I'm OCD like that) and glued the ribbon in place with my Mini Lo Temp Glue Gun.  Then, I put a gob of glue at each end of the ribbon wrap and stuck a bundle of silk flowers in place (I used hydrangeas and just popped the little bud ends off the stems).  Finally, I tied a nice bow around each handle and flower bundle.

Voila!  The finished product along with the other fruits of this weekend's crafty labor.

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