Saturday, January 29

our food proposal

The food proposal (does not include alcohol):
- Cheese/fruit plate during cocktail hour; buffet dinner with green salad, parmesan crusted chicken, ham biscuits, green beans, mashed potatoes, and macaroni salad; sodas, coffee, sweet tea, and lemonade; and mini desserts (banana pudding, mini cheesecakes, chocolate covered strawberries) - $18.75 per person
- China, Wine, Beer & Water Glasses, Cutlery. - $4.00 per person
- Servers & Attendants: service charge of $20.00 per server per hour. Hours billed include set-up, event time and clean-up. (Suggested 6 servers @ $120.00 per hour for 125 people)
- Bar Set-up - .2.95 per person.

We have several options for alcohol:
- Have the caterer get the ABC license and provide everything; price would be based on consumption
- Get our own banquet license and buy everything ourselves; we would have to estimate how much we'd need

And we haven't decided yet whether to do:
a.) Just beer and wine
b.) Beer, wine, and 2 signature cocktails (probably a mojito and something vodka-based)
c.) Beer, wine, and semi-full bar

Married readers, what did you all do? The caterer said option C usually ends up costing around $1,000 when the cost is based on consumption.

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