Thursday, June 5

Beyond The Aisle in Weird Google Searches, Part 2

Last year I featured some of the strangest Google search terms that brought people to Beyond the Aisle in 2013, and I wanted to see if the list had changed since then.  Here's this year's list of the truly confusing terms that have brought people here this year, according to Google Analytics.

"100 day eyeball shirt project" - This one is truly the most confusing to me.  I haven't done any kind of 100 day project, and definitely none involving eyeballs.  The only shirt project I've ever posted was a pretty simple tie-dye inspired by the Olympic rings.

"bullet wedding" - I post wedding inspiration here almost every week, but I'm pretty sure none of it has included bullets in any way.  I did write a post called "Biting the Bullet" in June 2011 when I was freaking out about wedding planning.

"cue ominous music" - Apparently, my June 2012 post on Nathan Fillion's JAWS-inspired Parade magazine cover brought some people to the blog.  They were probably disappointed.

"european princess hairstyles" - I'm not an expert on Europe, princesses, or hairstyles, but my round-up of braided bridal hairstyles continues to be one of my all-time most popular posts.

"james bond romance scenes" - A Cape Town wedding featured on Style Me Pretty seemed very Bond movie to me (I watched every single James Bond film with my dad growing up), but I haven't written about the famous superspy's love life, and probably never will.

"what can you put in oatmeal" - Canned pumpkin.  You're welcome.

"who looks good in teal" - Everyone looks good in teal.  Real Simple listed it as one of the four universally flattering colors.  Did I mention that, or post a link to the story?  I have no idea.

"your wedding was amazing note" - Thanks?


  1. HAHA these are too funny! The t-shirt eyeball one?! Oh my gosh I'm dying. I never get any fun leads from google!

    1. I had to comb through Google analytics to find these, but it was worth it. I'm still wondering, did someone wear an eyeball t-shirt for 100 days? How disappointed was the person who was searching for that?

  2. hahah! james bond romance scenes! so funny!!! hopefully they learn a thing or two when they drop by.

  3. This is so funny! Sometimes when I do a Google search, I end up at an unrelated site, and I wonder what those people think when they see their analytics...

    1. I've never thought about the other side of things. Good point, Pearl!