Saturday, December 28

year in review: most popular topics of 2013

Since I'm a weird data nerd, I actually have fun looking at my blog's stats in Blogger and Google Analytics. 

Here's a peek at my stats from 2013:
Visitors - 15,204
Unique Visitors - 12, 584
Pageviews - 21,965

Visitors from these countries visited Beyond the Aisle in 2013:
1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Germany
6. France
7. Philippines
8. Mexico
9. Netherlands
10. Brazil

These cities are home to Beyond the Aisle readers:
1. Charlottesville
2. New York
3. Greenville
4. Hialeah
5. Beverly
6. London
7. Chicago
8. Los Angeles
9. Houston
10. San Francisco

One of my favorite features in Google Analytics is being able to see which of my posts have been most popular. Here are my readers' favorite topics from this year:

10. My November Favorites (Favorite Things Link-Up) - I'm loving the monthly Favorite Things Link-Up hosted by Emily and Kylie.  I really love fall, so putting together a list of things I love in November, and making a Polyvore board to go with it, was really fun for me.  I'm kind of struggling to come up with my January list right now, though... hmm...

9. Are You a Daisy or a Jordan? (Great Gatsby Halloween Costume Ideas) - I got Gatsby fever this year with the release of Baz Luhrman's movie, and as soon as this idea popped into my head while watching the DVD and paying more attention to the costumes than the plot, I knew it would be a fun post.

8. Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples and Groups - Holidays push me out of my wedding-inspiration comfort zone in a good way.  This post came from a very practical place - trying to come up with a couples costume for Mr. Q and I to wear to my friend's Halloween party.  I love funny Halloween costumes and costumes based on pop culture.

7. Inspiration for a Garnet Red Amaryllis Wedding - I was surprised that this "dream wedding" was the most popular inspiration post from 2013 - it was very traditional, classic, and elegant, not like my usual rustic/vintage style.

6. My Fave Top (We Love Target Link-Up) - My little foray into the world of fashion blogging was pretty tame compared to the outfits actual fashion bloggers assemble.  I'm going to try to share more REAL outfit ideas in 2014!

5. All About Pinterest (Sunday Social) - Life before Pinterest for me involved binders, page protectors, and ripping up magazines.  I'm so glad this new social media platform is here to stay - it's such a game-changer for bloggers especially!

4. Our Story (Love and Marriage Series) - I like getting to post about the real work of marriage and relationships, so I enjoyed participating in this series.  I want this blog to be more about marriage and less about weddings as the years go by.

3. Inspiration for a 1920's-style Wedding - I'm going to chalk this one up as more Gatsby mania!  2013 was THE YEAR for an art deco celebration.

2. Craft:  UVa/VT House United Rag Wreath - My rag wreath became really popular on Pinterest, which made me feel good because it was my own idea.

1. Series: Bridal Shower Games and Gifts, Bridal Shower Food and DrinksBridal Shower Invites and Decor, and Recap: Rustic Burlap and Mason Jars Fall Wedding - Breeze's wedding and the celebrations leading up to it were really my labor of love this year.  My best friend's wedding was very different from my own, but so perfect for her, and I loved helping her bring her vision to life.

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  1. I always love these yearly recap type posts! I think it's always a little fascinating to see what exactly people are reading, since most often it's never the posts I'd expect them to.

    1. I do feel really validated that the most popular posts I wrote this year were DIY/project type posts and look forward to doing more of those in 2014.