Sunday, December 29

year in review: my favorite posts of 2013

#10: Ideas for a Jane Austen Inspired Garden Wedding - Recently there's been a trend of "Pinterest Wedding Do-Over" posts from ladies who planned weddings in the days of binders and ripped up magazines.  I planned mine with lots of folders on my computer full of pictures I'd saved from the Internet.  I suppose if I had a "do-over," this dream wedding would be it.

#9: Gold Rush Pay Dirt Cupcakes - I love when Mr. Q and I decide to do something fun and quirky on the spur of the moment, like last year's Titanic Dinner Party and this year's Gold Rush Party.  I actually think we need to institute a rule to have at least one weird party every year.  I also think that these cupcakes, made with a boxed mix and canned frosting, epitomize my approach to entertaining.

#8: Decoupage Easter Egg Wreath - I was glad this baby was a hit on Pinterest because I was so excited when I got the idea and it was a very time-consuming project.  The best part about this wreath was a real live bird coming to perch on it and steal some of the silk dogwood garland.

#7: Casual Neutrals for Fall - I didn't look anywhere near this cool at my high school reunion tailgate, but coming up with some "dream outfits" for the occasion was fun.  I still love Polyvore!

#6: Sunday Social:  All About the 4's! - My favorite Sunday Social questions are the ones that make me think deeply, and I like that this post ended up being a little tribute to my best friend, Breeze.

#5: Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure - participating in 5K walks makes me feel healthy and strong, and joining a team with Breeze's mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, made this day in the 'Noke so meaningful.

#4: Love and Marriage Series: Challenges - again, I like to write about the deep stuff and participating in this series was inspiring.

#3: Vacation Recap: Tennessee... and the Titanic? - My heart will go on, y'all.  My SIL and I were able to convince Mr. Q that this was a must-see stop on our vacation, and it ended up being one of the highlights of our trip for me (the other was the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville).  I love interactive museums, and a museum/attraction with a whole room dedicated to my favorite film of the 90's is an A+ in my book.

#2: What Happens at the Color Run? - I loved how out of my comfort zone the Color Run was, and look forward to doing it again in 2014!

#1: A to Z Book Survey - Reading will always be one of my favorite things in the world, and this survey really got me thinking about the books, authors, and characters that mean the most to me.

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