Thursday, March 27

my february + march in instagram

my february + march in instagram


Participating in the #busygirlnails challenge helped get me into the
habit of painting my nails every week.  It really does make me feel
more put together, and I think Pinterest and Instagram have made
me a lot more creative with my manicures!  Here are two using
Zoya polishes, which I love because they are free of free of toluene, 
formaldehyde, DBP and camphor - the fewer chemicals, the better, I say.

Celebrations:  a 50th birthday and Valentine's Day

The polar vortex hit Virginia while we were dog-siting; when the roads
were cleared we busted cabin fever by visiting my friend Jessica's shop.

A pop of green for St. Patrick's Day - 
the lia sophia Glacial necklace is basically my
new favorite thing.

A Shamrock Shake and soda bread for St. Pat's - one of these things
is way, way less Irish than the other.

Visiting my mean cat Scout at my mom's house.

What are you up to this month?

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