Thursday, March 13

i borrowed a dog.

Virginia weather has been having a really hard time getting its act together lately.  In one day, it will hit freezing overnight, snow will pour all morning, temperatures will soar after noon, everything will turn into slush, and we'll feel like wearing sandals by that evening.  This morning, there are 60  mph wind gusts and Roanokers are reporting snow flurries.  A good solid snow is nice, as is a snow day, but not when I start losing days of spring break!  During our one truly beautiful, fluffy, foot-deep snowy weekend, we just happened to be
dog-sitting for Mr. Q's best friend, who recently adopted a beautiful pit bull and labarador mix from our local no-kill animal shelter.

This is Astrid.  She's about nine months old and was found near a dumpster.  When she was found she had such a terrible problem with mites that most of her fur was gone.  The workers and volunteers at the shelter took good care of her.

"Do I seriously have to go for a walk in this?  What's going on here?"


Our neighbors got creative and built this shapely snow mermaid.

I've had puppy fever for a while now and having Astrid for the weekend made me want one even more!  She was such a good girl to take care of and so sweet.

Glad to be back inside after playing in the snow.
The snow was fun, but now we're ready for spring!

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