Friday, June 22

Traditional Scottish Wedding Ideas Inspired by Brave!

Disney is one of my oldest loves, and I am very excited about the newest Disney princess, Merida.  A princess with wild red hair who rocks a bow and arrow like Katniss?  How can she not be great? Since Brave arrives in theaters today, I wanted to round up some beautiful images of Scottish and Scottish heritage inspired weddings.  I have been lucky enough to attend a Scottish heritage inpired Catholic wedding, and got to see one of the most beautiful ceremonies and enjoy one of the most FUN receptions I've attended - the traditional highland dancing being the highlight of the night.

While modern Scottish brides wear white or ivory dresses, tartan sashes, wraps, and even trains are popular in Scottish heritage inspired weddings.  Grooms and groomsmen wear highland dress including a kilt in the tartan of the groom's clan, jacket, dirk (dagger), and sporran (the pouch that hangs in front of the kilt).  Bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements that pick up the colors of the groom's tartan look great! (Scottish Wedding Traditions)

Brides planning a Scottish heritage inspired wedding may want to incorporate the Victorian language of flowers; daisies or white lilac for innocence, forget-me-nots for true love and remembrance, ivy or violets for faithfulness, or lily of the valley for happiness, for example. (Scottish Wedding Flowers)

Nothing makes a Scottish wedding seem more authentic than a bagpiper playing in the beginning of the ceremony, at the completion of the service, as the bridal party leaves the church, or during the reception.  Fiddle or clarsach (small harp) music would also be a great way to incorporate Scottish heritage (Scottish Wedding Music).

While haggis is the traditional dish of Scotland, a bride planning a Scottish heritage inspired wedding shouldn't feel bound to serve sheep offal!  Seafood would be appropriate, as would Angus beef or even game like the venison on this menu (Scottish Wedding Menus).

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Happy Planning!

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