Friday, June 29

inspiration for independence day entertaining: decorating your 4th of july picnic

Today I've rounded up a few simple, inexpensive ways to add pops of color and style to an Independence Day picnic.

1. crepe paper streamers

Isn't this picture from Bellafotografica gorgeous?  While you may not have a setting this perfect for your Fourth of July picnic, you probably have a tree, or at least an awning, from which to hang some simple crepe paper streamers (pick up a roll at your local party store or order from Amazon)

2. stamped and painted paper fans 

If you're in the part of the United States that is experiencing 100-degree temperatures right now, paper fans (available from most wedding favor websites and catalogs) would be very appreciated at an outdoor celebration.  Martha Stewart's fans are created with small rubber stamps, while the ones featured in the photo styled by French Buckets might require just a bit more artistic ability.

3. simple flowers


One of the philosophies I had while DIY-ing my wedding applies to my party planning style in general: flowers are beautiful on their own; putting flowers in a vase is hard to mess up.  Grab some Mason jars and some supermarket flowers in shades of red, white, and blue and you're good to go.  If you're feeling fancy, tie some twine or ribbon around the vase. If you're feeling creative, decorate your vases with washi tape fireworks using this tutorial from Centsational Girl.

4. the perfect picnic blanket

This is the part where I get a little ridiculous.  You don't need this picnic blanket to throw a good 4th of July party, but wouldn't it be perfect?  I think I might even use it as a tablecloth.  But trust me, your guests will be just as happy with dollar store plastic tablecloths and mismatched blankets from your linen closet.

5. whimsical flour stars

A stencil, water, and flour is all you need to create a path of stars to lead your guests to your party, and they will think you are an entertaining genius.  I think this tip from Pink and Green Mama is my favorite idea of all.  You could tint the flour with food coloring if you want to go above and beyond - directions on how to do that can be found at A Practical Wedding.

Will you be entertaining this 4th of July?

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