Friday, September 16

Our Wedding: I Heart Crafting!

As you all know, I was inspired to design and create a lot of our wedding decor.  Here are some of the finished products in all their glory on the big day.

The table numbers were one of the first craft visions I had when we decided that our wedding would have a vintage theme.  I was inspired by book page table numbers I'd seen online using the ubiquitous white Ikea frames, but there is no Ikea near us so I got my frames from the Dollar Tree.  I chose 15 wedding and love-related pages from some of my favorite books, scanned them onto ivory cardstock so they'd be uniform, and stamped numbers and flowers onto them with purple ink.  The finished product was very close to what I'd visualized!

 I thought a birdcage card box would go perfectly with our vintage theme.  I ordered the set of two birdcages from Save-On-Crafts.  I lined the bottom with moss by setting the cage on top of a piece of cardboard, adding a few dots of hot glue, and adding sheet moss from Michael's.  Then, I wrapped a purple ribbon around the cage and added a "cards" sign made with cardstock from our invitations that I trimmed with my paper cutter and pearl stickers.

I knew I didn't want a traditional guest book, and Mr. Spin had mentioned that he liked the picture frame guestbook we'd seen at a friend's wedding.  We found a black picture frame with a white signing mat on sale at Michael's, but I was at a loss for what to do with the small cage until I saw some wish boxes online.

I decorated the wish cage to match our card cage, and made the wish cards by trimming ivory cardstock and stamping flowers on the corners with purple ink to match the table numbers.

The other craft project I was really proud of was our flower girl's basket.  You can see my tutorial here for creating your own flowered and beribboned FG basket!


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