Wednesday, September 14

Our Wedding: The girls get ready...

When we got to the War Memorial, the girls and I were welcomed by Jeana, a staff member there and professional wedding planner who was already at work putting everything together.  We decorated the dessert table, chose arrangements to put on the mantel in the ceremony space, and did a few more little tasks before the guys started to arrive.  It was time for us to disappear and let Jeana, Coordinator C and the boys finish the work!

From the July heat and humidity and the setup, a few of my curls had started to fall out.  BM Philly to the rescue!

My SIL being adorable!

With help from Coordinator C and safety pins from our emergency Caboodle, 
Philly was looking hot from head...

To toe!  I asked each of the bridesmaids to pick their own silver shoes
so they could be comfortable and a little unique on the wedding day. 
 Philly is known for LIVING in high heels so I was 
happy to see she'd picked some hot ones for my wedding!

My mom put a few finishing touches on her own hair and makeup...
and then it was time to get me dressed!

My two best friends

Coordinator C did a wonderful job, especially considering that I basically drafted her into her position.  She's the friend of mine who always gets things done, and Mr. Q and I thought she'd be a great person when our venue director asked us to name an emergency contact for the day of the wedding.

Pinning on my mom's boutonniere

SIL pinning Mama Q's corsage

My bestie S was able to fly in from Seattle to attend the wedding and we asked her to read a passage from Shakespeare in the ceremony.  She was a drama major in college, so I knew she'd be perfect to read my all-time favorite Sonnet (#116).  We originally didn't know if she was going to be able to afford the trip to Virginia, so it meant the world to me that she was there.  True fact:  I started this very blog when I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Our flower girl arrived with her favorite cup and kitty in tow... but quickly got into a horrible mood and declared, "I don't want to be a princess today."  She threw a coat hanger and pouted in the corner.

While FG pouted in the corner, her mom stood in for her in a quick photo.  Seeing all of the other ladies getting beautified must have had an effect on FG, because soon she was asking if she could have a little lipstick, and practicing with her petals.

The girls and I posed for a picture on the staircase and could already hear guests arriving downstairs!

* All photos by Lesley Wray


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