Friday, January 3

who to follow on instagram: january

Who to Follow on Instagram

I spent part of last weekend teaching one of my best friends to use Instagram, and recently introduced another friend to the joy that is #fmsphotoaday.  Instagram keeps me inspired every day and continues to be my favorite form of social media.  For bloggers, it's also a great way to promote new posts and projects.  If you're just getting started on Instagram, or you want to shake up your feed with some colorful new images, here are a few accounts I love following: 

A Beach CottageBright Bazaar

A Beach Cottage - Sarah maintains one of the loveliest blogs on the web, and her Instagram account features shots of her simply decorated Sydney home, beautiful beaches, and her family's precious dog.

Bright Bazaar - Will, from the blog of the same name, captures images in his travels and wanderings that are just as delightful as his colorful blog posts.

Kat Tanita - The blogger behind With Love from Kat maintains a pretty stream of photos from her fashionable, just-styled-enough life in New York City.

Justin Chung - a New York based photographer shares behind-the-scenes shots of his work and daily life, all perfectly framed.

Are you on Instagram?  I'd love to follow you - 
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  1. I'm an instagram junkie! my user name is karenssoiree. I tried to follow yours through the link but it said private. Some others I love are coachblkrwoman (Coach PR) aerin (aerin lauder) lemonstripes (fashion)...omg I have a million I could name!!

    1. Hi Karen, I have to set my account to private because of my real-world job. I have it set up that way so that I can approve followers. I'll go in and add you right now!