Thursday, January 16

goal setting: what didn't work in 2013

I wrote a little bit at the beginning of the month about how Lara Casey's goal setting series is helping me plan for the new year.  Today, I wanted to come clean about what didn't work for me in 2013!

What didn't work in 2013:
  • Health wise, I totally failed at keeping a low GI eating plan.  I just took a look at the "avoid" side of the list the nurse practitioner who diagnosed my PCOS gave me, and sure enough I have eaten bananas, potatoes, bread, instant rice, candy, corn chips, Chinese food, and had soda in the past week. 
  • I'm also still having minor depressive episodes from time to time and though they are infrequent, I dream of a panic attack free life.  When I am busy and not living in my own head - like at work where there is no time to daydream and I'm accountable to 52 little people - I do not have panic attacks.  I have them at home, usually on the weekends.  When I have too much free time I guess I start overanalyzing myself.
  • Taking other people's behavior in my workplace personally.  Slowly but surely, I think I'm learning to take more time to process other people's behavior and realize that if an administrator, coworker, student, or parent is unusually rude to me, it often has absolutely nothing to do with me - something else in their life is causing them to act that way.
  • At work, my whole department was basically blindsided by the new state tests.  Now that we know what is being scored, we can change the way we teach to help our students be more prepared.
  • Not spending enough time with my mom.  Usually when I find myself getting grumpy or depressed, spending a day with her can make everything better.  She is my best friend and living an hour apart is no excuse for not spending time together in person.
What are you determined to change in 2014?

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  1. These are great goals! I'm definitely still working on not taking things personally in the workplace. It's hard not to, especially when you see these people more than your family! Since I'm still living at home for the next few months, I've been squeezing in as much family time as possible, because I know its going to get harder to do when I move out! Thanks for linking up :)