Friday, January 24

my january in instagram

my january in instagram

A few December photos first.  I went to the Festival of Trees at the Hotel
Roanoke for the first time ever and Breeze and I basically made it our new
dream in life to become professional Christmas tree designers.  The
tree shown here is from my all time favorite florist in my hometown.

Nothing makes me quite so happy as color coordinating my Christmas 
wrapping paper.  This is probably because I have no pets or children.

Epic Postal Service fail, and what is technically a Christmas mug
but which I use all year round.

Christmas cookies for family members and one of my favorite gifts
(apparently my subliminal messages to Mr. Q were a success!)

Celebrating C's birthday, before and after dying my hair black.

I've been on a little home improvement kick inspired by Apartment
Therapy's January Cure.  I don't think our refrigerator had been
deep-cleaned since our townhouse was built.  And WOO NEW BED!


I've actually managed to keep up with this round of #busygirlnails.
For teal, I layered OPI's Last Friday Night over Essie Turquoise
and Caicos.  For white, I attempted a half-moon manicure using 
reinforcement stickers - Salon Perfect Sugar Cube over OPI
Lucky Lucky Lavender.  The reinforcement stickers worked well
on my fingers but I wasn't sure how to handle my big ol' thumbnails.

Adorable party decorations at the 100th birthday party for one of
Mr. Q's family friends.  Plenty of burlap, lace, Mason jars, and 
vintage China - most of it thrifted.

A few scenes from my recent snow days - I'm trying to keep an orchid
alive and trying to eat healthier foods, like this salad!

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