Wednesday, January 29

A Classic Winter Blended Family Wedding

I wanted to share a few photos I took at my friend Kendall's wedding last weekend.  She had a very classic winter wedding at a local venue, The Woodland Place, that has a rustic style.  The wedding colors were navy and white.

This wedding was unique because it blended two families, so Lee wasn't just making vows to Kendall but to Bre as well.  Our middle/high school Biology and Government teacher, who is also a minister, performed the ceremony and included a section where Bre sang "You Are My Sunshine" and Lee promised to take care of her.  I teared up and Mr. Q even got goosebumps, it was such an emotional moment.

I loved the pictures I caught of Kendall and Lee's first dance - their facial expressions said it all.  I loved the twinkling branches on the altar and the swags of fabric added a lot of light to a space that can unfortunately be really dark.  I found myself wishing we'd brought our big DSLR camera because of the low light, but I was able to clean up the pictures I took with my point and shoot until I was pretty happy with them.

Lee's best man was his Air Force roommate and Kendall's was her younger sister.  I loved the classically elegant wing tip collar on the groomsmen's shirts and the long navy dresses the bridesmaids wore.  Each bridesmaid's hair was styled in a different way that reflected their personalities.

One of my favorite details at the wedding was the sand ceremony, which Kendall and Lee did after the garter and bouquet tosses and cake cutting.  Their parents had already added their jars of sand before the ceremony, and Kendall, Lee, and Kendall's daughter Bre each added their own touches to the artwork.  I thought it was a very sweet way to represent the blending of two families and loved that it gave Bre a chance to participate and have some fun.  Side note: isn't Bre's hairstyle adorable?  It's a bow made of hair!

Overall, Kendall and Lee's big day was beautiful, sentimental, and fun.  As far as I knew, it went off without a hitch.  I am so happy for these two as they begin their life as a family.

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