Wednesday, December 21

Holiday Craft: Silk Floral Wreath

When I started to see wreaths crop up on front doors in our neighborhood right after Thanksgiving, I found myself suffering from a condition probably unique to crafters:  Wreath Envy.  Wreaths are one of my favorite crafts, and for the front door I wanted something sturdy.  I started with a basic $4 wreath form from Michael's and several stems of silk florals.  I cut the stems apart with wire cutters and that's basically the toughest thing about this project.

Materials ready to go.

You just stick the stem into the wreath and push.  That's it.  If the stem sticks out too far in the back, either trim it with the wire cutters or weave it back through.

After I arranged all of the poinsettias in the wreath, I added the holly.

The final product on our door, with a cameo by my reflection as I took the picture!  I love my little rustic star wreath hanger that I found at Wal-Mart!

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