Friday, December 23

Holiday Craft: No-Sew Ruffle Tree Skirt

My favorite craft of all this Christmas is my ruffled tree skirt.  Like many other bloggers I was inspired by Marian's gorgeous linen tree skirt.  I found Ashley's tutorial really helpful.  Since there are plenty of tutorials already out there, I mostly just want to show off my own take on this popular project.

The fabric materials:  a very ugly tree skirt from the dollar store, 2 yards of burlap, 2 yards of gingham, and a yard of awesome "BELIEVE" printed fabric that I couldn't resist (I know the people who designed the Believe fabric were probably referring to Santa, but for me it's a reminder that Christmas is about our belief in our Savior's miraculous birth!)

I crafted this thing through two and a half cheesy ABC Family movies- I can't resist those 90's television stars.  Oh, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, where are you now?  There's also a nice power outlet near the television for my little pink glue gun.

If you take on this project, buy extra glue sticks, and be prepared for some burnt fingers if you use burlap- glue has a way of seeping through the fabric's wide weave.

Originally (the first two rows around the outside of the tree skirt) I was making the ruffles really tight and going through a LOT of fabric.  You can see in the next picture that the ruffles got bigger as I worked my way into the middle of the tree skirt... that was so I wouldn't have to make an emergency trip to the fabric store.  I alternated the print fabrics with burlap.

More than halfway done!

The finished project!  My little Hallmark singing sled guys are hiding the surge protector.  I'd seen the tip somewhere to use tissue paper to fluff up the tree skirt.  I didn't have extra tissue paper laying around, so I used plastic grocery bags.  It really does make a difference to have a nice fluffy tree skirt as opposed to it just lying flat on the ground.

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What has been your favorite holiday project this year?

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