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Entertaining: Easy Guest Room Updates

Christmas Guest room from Pinterest via A Ribbon at a Time

One of my goals for the Country Townhouse is to have a nice guest room/office that I have no qualms about letting friends and family members stay in!  We've got a long way to go, but the upcoming holidays, along with my friend Philly letting us know that she will be able to come stay with us during her Winter Break from graduate school, are inspiring me to take some steps in a more organized direction.

Ticking Stripe bedding from Plow & Hearth

Here are some ideas to help make guest rooms ready for visitors.

1.  Clean sheets and a warm sweater blanket or wool throw for chilly nights
Just because the guest bed is the least used one in the house doesn't mean it can be the most uncomfortable one.  If you use an old mattress in the guest room, add a foam egg crate or mattress pad to up the comfort factor.  Since everyone prefers a different thermostat setting, leave a few blankets folded at the foot of the bed so guests can cover up as needed.

2.  A good lamp

3.  An alarm clock

4.  Some books
In our case, a lot of books, because the guest room is also our office... but I think it's always nice when a friend recommends a good read... and a jet-lagged friend needs something to do in the morning when you are still asleep.

5.  Flowers!
I spent some time visiting my friends Mr. and Mrs. H in Seattle last year and one of the nicest little touches for me as a guest was the vase of fresh flowers beside my bed.  It made me feel so special and welcome in their home.  If your garden is empty this time of year, snag a bunch of flowers from the grocery store to place in a pretty vase, cool old can, or even a pretty mug.  It's a great way to add some seasonal color if you have a neutral color scheme in your guest room.

Matrushka Carafe from Paper Source

6.  Water carafe/pitcher and glass
I am one of those people who likes to keep something to drink with me at all times, so I usually have either a mug of tea or a Tervis tumbler of water on my nightstand.  For guests, a carafe is a classy guest room addition.  I have seen some really cute ones- my favorite is probably the Drinkup one shaped like a Russian nesting doll and the head is the cup- I feel like the design keeps the water clean!

7.  A pretty dish or bowl to catch jewelry
It never fails - every time I travel, I loose either a makeup item or a piece of jewelry.  The perfect guest room would give guests a place to stash earrings and rings while they sleep!

8.  A surge protector
Travelers today probably have several electronic devices with them that need to be charged- cell phone, iPad, e-reader, etc.  If you don't have a fancy-shmancy charging station, at least plug a surge protector in for your guests in a visible spot.

9.  Clean towels, bath products, and a hair dryer in the guest bathroom
Oh, why not put some flowers or holiday decorations in there too?  And maybe some disposable cups so guests can take their pills without having to steal a glass from your kitchen.  Yep, your guests take pills.  No,  I don't know what for.

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10.  Pretty things to look at
Photos and mementos make the guest room feel more like a lived-in space and less like, "we're going to stick you in this boring room we never use."  If your guest room doubles as an office, use some lined baskets or galvanized bins to organize the clutter before guests arrive, so they don't have to look at your paperwork or feel like they're in the way.

Blue office/guest room via Flickr

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Happy Decorating!

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