Thursday, November 3

A Month of Gratitude: Things I'm Thankful For This Week...

I think that taking at least a few moments each day to reflect on what I am truly grateful for this month is putting me in an all-around better mood.  I feel like I am greeting people with a more cheerful disposition.

I'm thankful for my husband.
Mr. Spin's love for me is so loyal and devoted.  I've been under the weather lately, and I am a grumpy sick person.  He never acts annoyed or frustrated when I'm being a big baby, just takes care of me.  He is loving and patient all of the time; it's simply amazing and I feel like I fall so short of deserving him.

I'm thankful for our home.
We are lucky to be able to live in our townhouse; it became available at just the right time.  Setting up our first home together has been a labor of love for Mr. Spin and I, requiring both teamwork and compromise.  Luckily, our decorating styles and work ethics when it comes to chores aren't too disparate.  I am so thankful to live so close to the school where I teach- not having to be in the car for two hours each day is allowing me to live a fuller life (although I am much less in-touch with the top stories on NPR!).

All dressed up for Halloween!

I'm thankful for my students.
This week, out of curiosity, I counted how many school days are left in the semester.  It's less than 40!  I am going to be sad to see these guys head over to the Center for Applied Technology and Career Exploration in January.  They are the nicest group of kids I've ever taught, the most voracious readers, and they've really been troopers as we've transitioned from A/B to semester block scheduling.  Last week, one of them made the comment that they wish I could go to the Technology and Career center with them, as their math teachers are doing.  Part of me really wishes I could, when I think about how much they are going to grow between now and June- 90 days in the classroom is such a short time with these amazing young people!

Portfolios chock full of writing from the heart!

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