Friday, February 21

Snowflakes - Sochi Inspired

Today I'm taking a very subtle approach to Sochi-inspired fashion. Remember those snowflakes from the Opening Ceremony?  You know, the ones that almost-successfully turned into the Olympic Rings?

They were very pretty as snowflakes.  

All things gray, glittery, and clustered with jewels are in right now. The snow on the East Coast may be melting, but the snow on your sweater is appropriate until mid-March.  Let's get to the inspiration, shall we?

Snowflakes - Sochi Inspired
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1. Monsoon gray sweater  2. Dorothy Perkins ivory sweater  
3. Kohl's moisture wicking long-sleeved knit top
4. Juicy Couture charm from Nordstrom  5. LOFT rhinestone cardigan
6. Emi Jay sparkle hair ties from Nordstrom  7. ASOS ankle socks

Opening Ceremony photo from The Baltimore Sun


  1. okay I'm in love with those sweaters, especially the one with the animals at the bottom.But Thanks for linking up with Friday Fashion Diaries!! :) Make sure to come back this Friday to link up!

    1. I really enjoyed the link-up! Thanks for hosting!