Wednesday, February 19

Rainbow and Floral: Sochi and Team Germany Inspired

Audiences and commentators had a lot to say about the uniforms Team Germany wore for the Parade of Nations at the Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony.  German athletes sported red beanies, yellow, green, and robin's-egg blue striped ski jackets, and red pants with a floral pattern.  The overall impression was that of a rainbow; German officials were quick to stress that their wardrobe was not a statement about gay rights in Russia.  Which makes me think (or at least hope) that it totally was.  Either way, I was left wondering: could rainbow and floral ever work, or is it just too much?  The verdict: for the daring, it's totally do-able; just keep the rainbows within a muted palette, make sure the florals keep to the same color scheme, and carry a cute purse.

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Rainbow and Floral

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Outfit 1: ModCloth sweater, Danielle Nicole clutch (similar), Full Tilt leggings from Tilly's
Outfit 2: ModCloth sweater, ModCloth shoulder bag, Charlotte Russe leggings

Team Germany photo from The Baltimore Sun.


  1. I'm actually not a fan of our team's outfit. The red is too drastic against the jacket. But I really love your rainbow and floral outfits, better color scheme :-)

    1. They were VERY loud outfits but I liked how creative they were, and I knew there had to be a way to make the same idea actually wearable.