Tuesday, April 24

my big goals for the future

B from With Love From Michigan shared some of her goals and dreams for life this week, and I was inspired to do my own "hey, here are my dreams" post.

My dream home would look like a combination of farmhouse, Craftsman, and Cape Cod styles, with enough white paint to make me happy and enough stonework to make Josh happy (1 | 2).

My personal-life and financial goal is that Josh and I will be able to save enough money to move out of the townhouse, buy some land, and build a modular home within the next few years.  I really like living within a small town, but miss having being out in the country with a big backyard and space to plant a garden.  I want a space that's ours, where we can paint the walls and change things without losing our security deposit.

My family goals are that we can find a small church with a belief statement that matches our values.  I struggle with my faith sometimes, but I know that life felt much more centered when I attended church on a regular basis and had a "family" praying for me and supporting me spiritually.

My health goal is to continue to avoid Type 2 diabetes, which I am at a slightly higher risk for than the general population because I am part Native American.  My paternal grandfather who was 1/2 Cherokee and most of his children had diabetes and I do not want to have to inject myself with insulin like Grandaddy did.  One of my biggest fears is that if I am diagnosed with diabetes I will eventually have to go on dialysis like my dad did when his kidneys failed.  My doctor classes me as "pre-diabetic," which basically means that if I become overweight my body will probably not be able to regulate my blood sugar.  A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for me, but they're the first things to fall by the wayside when I am stressed out at work or by personal issues. I would like to put more than five pounds between being healthy and having a serious illness.

I have a lot of travel goals.  Several are very doable and fairly close by, I've just never had the time - Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, New York City.  My very silly travel goal is wanting very badly to visit the Harry Potter theme park.  I also want to visit as many of our National Parks as possible.  I want to visit England, France, Italy, Kenya, and Australia.

My work goals are fuzzier.  I love teaching, but I am someone who likes to grow and feel like I'm advancing, so I just don't see myself in Room 112 for a whole 30 year career.  I am passionate about getting kids to enjoy and excel at writing to express themselves and hope to participate in the Blue Ridge Writing Project's invitational summer institute next year.  I also want to host a student teaching intern in my classroom and explore whether I might want to be an education professor someday.  My biggest dream throughout my life has been to write a book, but unlike B's goal of writing a professional book, I want to write fiction for young readers.  I want students to walk into their school libraries and see a book with my name on it.

Is it strange that in writing, my goals seem LESS scary and more realistic?

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