Monday, April 16

clicks of note.


  • I woke up with Jason Mraz's "Life is Wonderful" on my head one morning last week.  Mr. A-Z is one of my favorite CD's.  His new album Love is a Four-Letter Word will be in stores tomorrow!

  • Casey from Elegant Musings created a 1913 dinner dress inspired by Titanic.  Since my sister-in-law and I have Titanic fever right now (you'll find out just how much in tomorrow's post!), I loved following this project from beginning to end on Casey's blog.  Especially because I have no clothing design ability beyond helping Miss Julie bedazzle dance costumes back in the day.
  • Instagram is finally available for Android phones and I'm loving it - there is a wider variety of filters on Instagram than Picplz and I like the square photos.  You can follow me at heatherbquinn.  Leave your Instagram name in the comments - I'd love to follow you!

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