Tuesday, February 21

Pantone Winter 2012 - Orchid Hush & Quarry accessories and makeup

Can you believe its the last full week of February?  In my world, time is flying, but the snow southwest Virginia got this weekend is a reminder that it's still winter.  The last two Pantone colors for Fall/Winter 2011, orchid hush and quarry, are wintry colors that will look great in Spring as well because of their softness.  Here are some ways to incorporate these gorgeous colors into your wardrobe via accessories and makeup.

Earrings by ElainaLouiseStudios and PoleStar on Etsy, $12 and $32 respectively

Metallic cat-eye makeup from Smashbox.  To get this look, Smashbox recommends using Photo Finish Lid Primer; Platinum Cream Eye Liner; Bone, Lavender Grey, and Warm Taupe Eyeshadow; Soft Focus Powder Eye Liner in Heather; Artificial Light Luminizing Powder; and Bionic Mascara.  Whew, that's a lot of products!

Annie Bracelet by Brideblu on Etsy, just $18

Amazing gel manicure via Sweet Talk on the Spot

Zoya nail polishes in Kristen and Tao, $8 each

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