Sunday, February 12

clicks of note.

  • Beyonce has been one of my favorite celebrities since I tried unsuccessfully to master the "Crazy In Love" dance in my college dorm.  I was excited when she and Jay-Z got married and almost as excited as Kanye West was when they announced her pregnancy.  So I am over the moon that they've created a Tumblr account to share photos of their baby girl.  Does this make the trend of starting a blog when you have a baby officially cool?  Do you think Beyonce and Jay-Z designed that layout themselves?  (I really don't, am am inferring that Designed Memory did, but that would be awesome!) Also, is there any way when I someday have children that my hair can look that good?
  • Notion: Creative designed 49 t-shirts for the Honda CR-V "Leap List" commercial about a girl who visits all 50 states (the ad firm already had a Texas shirt).  I really dig this ad campaign and this is my favorite spot so far - because I share this imaginary girl's goal.  I actually found this blog post while Googling for the song used in the commercial - which I still haven't found.  Sound familiar to anyone?  Check out Notion: Creative's printable Valentines while you're there.
  • Literally Inspired is hosting an auction for Muscular Dystrophy.  I love this cause because I was lucky enough to work with some amazing kiddos with MD in my summers working at camp.  See the items here.
  • This was posted as a Halloween craft, but I think this decorated plate from Brooklyn Limestone would be a great way to showcase a favorite poem or wedding song lyrics for a Valentine's Day dinner...

  • Honey-ginger glazed tilapia from Our Best Bites.  The Mister and I had this for dinner last night and it was delicious.  Making the fish on the grill pan was a great idea- it was so flaky and you could really taste the honey from the marinade.  I liked the yogurt sauce, and the Mister used straight-up sriracha sauce.

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