Sunday, February 26

clicks of note.


  • This Sony Bravia commercial is a year old now, but it makes me so happy I thought it was worth sharing this week.  The music so peaceful and the idea of chucking thousands of bouncy balls down a San Francisco street is the definition of living colorfully.  The making of video on YouTube is cute, too.

  • Miss Modern made her own garter by restyling her best friend's and it is fabulous.  Brides, are you using anything from a friend or family member's wedding as your "something old"?  Do you plan on passing down any of your wedding gear?  I was offered several veils and headpieces when we got engaged but ended up ordering my own since ivory is so difficult to match- if any of my dear friends or family members gets an ivory dress it'll be up for grabs.
  • Shape's Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting.  I am making these tonight and adding gold glitter sprinkles to celebrate the Academy Awards (the only Best Picture nominee I've seen is The Help but I won't let that stop me!)


  1. I love the idea of gold glitter on the cupcakes!

    I was so happy that 82 year old Capt. Von Trapp won. :)

    1. Here is a photo of the glittered cupcakes... you can tell that the marshmallow frosting did not set up, unfortunately I got some egg yolk in it and it was my last egg! It worked okay as a glaze, though.

      I was really happy that Christopher Plummer won, and really glad for Octavia Spencer, too - the Help was the only Best Picture nominee I'd actually seen.