Friday, October 28

This week's projects and plans!

1.  Decorate my classroom for Halloween.
2.  Make orange chicken in the crock pot.
3.  Make potato soup in the crock pot. (Confession:  I ran out of time, so I put it in the crock pot for an hour, then boiled the heck out of it in a stock pot.  Also, I used real bacon, not store-bought "bacon pieces."
4.  Decoupage a pumpkin.
5.  Make squash fries.
6.  Make pumpkin bread muffins.
7.  Go to a hockey game.
8.  Wear a disguise.
9.  Assist with a photo shoot.
10.  Finish sending wedding thank-you notes, and send gifts for recently married friends.
11.  Make a list of ALL our expenses.

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