Thursday, October 6

Our Wedding: Everybody's gonna jump and shout...

For our guests' social hour, we provided the music via an iPod and Mr. Spin's own sound equipment.  Here's the second half of the playlist...

Our friends making their way to the library, where drinks and snacks were served...

Family members mingling, including my cousin's CUTE baby!

Another cutie, my little cousin Eli

The drink menu I made with a Goodwill picture frame and chalkboard paint.

Friends mingling...

Our friends' sweet baby Noah!

My college girlfriends... I loved looking at these pictures since Mr. Spin and I weren't there for the social hour.  I think I needed the confirmation that everyone was enjoying themselves.


  1. I'm going to have to learn more about this chalkboard paint! Looks great!

  2. Miss Tattoo, the kind I use is made by Krylon and comes in spray paint form. Regular stick chalk doesn't work very well on it, but with chalk markers it's like a dry erase board.