Wednesday, December 16

my fall {according to instagram.}

Before the Christmas season completely takes over, I wanted
to share a few small moments from this busy fall.

Every year for our anniversary, Mr. Q and I invest in a joint
gift, like a piece of furniture. This year, we got a studded
headboard for our bed. It's from the Better Homes & Gardens
collection at Wal-Mart, of all places, and it's perfect!

I had a very proud teacher moment on our eighth grade field
trip to an amusement park. One of the boys in my group was
very much afraid of heights. When it was time to choose the
last ride for the day, instead of heading for the big roller
coaster they'd been talking about all day, my boys chose
the ferris wheel so that they could all ride something together.

I'm not sure what could be more beautiful than the Blue
Ridge Mountains in the fall - on these days, my heart sings.

Praying for Paris, and so thankful my cherished friends
are safe. Still, always the city of my dreams.

A simple Thanksgiving centerpiece and Small Business
Saturday spent exploring in my adopted hometown.

Pinecones heralding winter at Mr. Q's family home.

The perfect slogan (and much-needed coffee) for the end of the semester.

What moments have you cherished during this 
season of change? Follow me on Instagram here.

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