Saturday, May 31

my april + may in instagrams

My monogram - "purple" for #fmsphotoaday.  I just don't know
if non-Southerners appreciate a good momogram as much as we do.
The theme for the second photo was "shapes" and this envelope
from the University of Virginia was the best I could do.  I have a similar
 stylized rotunda engraved inside my class ring - it was in our class flag.

After my second Color Run - this year's wasn't quite as much
fun as last year - Mr. Q was out of town, it was a chilly day,
the course was a more challenging walk, and several of the
stations ran out of color because it was so windy.

Some snaps from around the house.

Getting ready to watch Mr. Q's team compete in their 
first relay triathlon at Smith Mountain Lake.  He is doing
another one today in Roanoke -  I think he's hooked!

May 4th (Star Wars Day) and cheering on my students
in their softball game - they dominated!

Honey purchased at the local creamery (I find that my allergies aren't
as bad when I eat local honey daily) and yummy shrimp scampi
(I used this recipe from A Beautiful Mess and fresh basil from my garden).

The first strawberries of the season- a sure sign of summer's
imminent arrival.

Weekend snaps - summer-izing the living room with a new
blanket from West Elm and putting in final grades for the semester.

My sister-in-law's worship band performing
at Festival in the Park in Roanoke.

I had to be out of my classroom by 2:00 on the first teacher 
workday so that the maintenance staff could get to work.  At
my school, EVERYTHING except desks has to be off the floor
and everything must come off the walls.  All of my furniture has
to be moved in the hallways so my floor can be stripped and
 waxed.  Here's what happens after the kids leave!

My best friend at work made me the most decadent
cake for my 29th bithday - the cake is chocolate with
chocolate chips, the frosting is peanut butter with Reese's
Pieces!  I don't know what I did to deserve having
such an amazing friend in my life.  Absolutely love her.

A Harvest of Blessing


  1. I'm doing my first color run in September, I hope we have good weather!
    It looks like a great week. Thanks for linking up with JOAT!

    1. Have fun at the Color Run! Thanks for hosting the link-up :)